Are you ready to take on the wonderful world of Encaustic Wax?

You've seen the luscious textures, you are entranced by the beautiful effects it makes...

BUT, sometimes the supplies, different options, and how to go about it all, leaves you in a quandary?

Let me help you to navigate the Encaustic Wax labyrinth!

Master the Basics of Beeswax Painting... Ignite your Imagination & Intuition.

In this class, you will be heating encaustic medium until hot and molten, layering and building colours, with pigments, oils and waxes to name just a few...

This course will give you a good understanding of Layering with Encaustic.

It explains the terminology of working with beeswax and dammar resin (Encaustic Medium) and covers everything from heat sources, supports to work on, equipment needed, and how to work with it, in detail, with close up shots.

From there, you will be led to follow your intuition, and explore the natural beauty of this inspiring art form...

This online course content is exactly the same as if you were working alongside me in my studio on my introductory three day workshop... there are 40 separate lessons, containing videos, pdf's and how to's

Here's a taste of what you'll find inside...

These pics on this page, are a combination from in person workshops, and people who have shared photos after following this course online...

The Art & Magic of Encaustic is designed to give you the know how, to get started with this unusual style of painting, confidently and quickly.

It is my basic 101 beginners guide...!

That said, if you're already working with this style of wax, there are so many ways to approach things, you can always discover something new.

Encaustic Wax Medium is applied in layers, fused, and pigmented in a multitude of ways.

Mementoes, grasses, coloured papers, waxes, and pigments in many forms, are incorporated to create an interesting and expansive style of work.

There are eight separate videos sharing just some of the ways to colour to your waxes.

There are a few health and safety implications to be considered, which can sometimes be overwhelming, and confusing when you are starting out.

This course will cover the aspects you need to be aware of.

Each video is designed to be short, and to the point (hopefully!), to get you creating as quickly as possible.

Watch the videos on slow, or double speed.

The course is designed to spark ideas, then encourage you to create your own works, based on your interpretation of what you've seen.

  • We will look at:

    • Different types of Waxes and Mediums

    • Different supports to work on

    • Introduction to must knows of Health & Safety

    • A brief background and history of Encaustic Wax Art

    • Demonstration of basics, and versatility of wax

    • Learn how to fuse layers of wax together, and get smooth and textured finishes.

    • I will share my preferred tools, and hopefully help you to avoid some of the pitfalls I made!

    • Colouring your wax - there are so many ways to approach this, there are eight separate videos explaining just some of the different ways you can achieve this... often using existing supplies!

    • You'll put the techniques shown into practice, and create a selection of test pieces, with suggested notes to act as an aide memoir.

    • You will practice ways of embellishing, layering and scratching into the wax.

    • Pull what you've learnt together, and create your own finished pieces, with materials you have in your art stash.

    • Videos showing you some of the my paintings being created to give you additional ideas and inspiration.

    • Take all you have learnt, follow your intuition, and share your finished works in our Course Members area.

A Medium For All The Senses...

Once you start painting with encaustic, you will really appreciate how much it effects the senses...






Just delicious...!

(Although, seriously, don't eat it!!)

Limitless as your imagination, and always something new to try....


I hear time and time again... "I have all of the equipment, I just haven't started yet..."

This is such a common occurrence...


I want everybody who goes through this course, to actually implement it...!

Therefore, I am including some extras to help with this:

BONUS ONE: Half price Zoom sessions and my free Arty Heaven Course Members group to encourage you to implement what you've learnt and to ACTUALLY get started...!

BONUS TWO: I am pulling together and sharing some of my favourite resources: books, podcasts, videos and some trainings from some of my coaches to offer additional help and support with your ongoing journey...

If you suffer with that oh so common

'Overwhelm' / 'Fear of Getting Started' / 'Blank Canvas Syndrome'

you are not alone... I have a bucket of resources to help you!

I get it, and fully understand that life gets in the way sometimes, and having the time to create is often tricky, crikey, I've got the tee-shirt on that one!!!

But, lets understand why it happens... Why it's so scary to: Pick up a paintbrush. To share our art. How to stop putting everything else first. How to finally prioritise our artistic practices!

Being in a group of likeminded souls is the first step.

All creativity, and encaustic, in particular, is such a beautiful and healing medium... when we make the space for it...!

Join Julie in 'Arty Heaven', and learn how to paint using HOT BEESWAX...

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Really hope to see you on the inside....!


Pieter - Netherlands

"I watched the course in 2 days and I loved it. Many thanks for that."


Liesbet - Norway

"I think of you often being grateful for everything you taught me"


"It’s nice that you are doing these, and I really like your teaching style."

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